More than 20 years of Creating Sustainable Value


Urban and Regional Planning

The Urban and Regional Planning Services are enriched by the cumulative years of experiences in contemplation of the universal agenda of promoting "ecological growth" or eco-growth as the cornerstone of sustainable and responsible development. We help our clients meet their social, financial and spatial development objectives within a sustainable environment.

Planning for sustainability and growth has been our philosophy in providing urban and regional planning services. We work closely with our clients to understand the range of issues they are facing and offer options and processes for achieving their objectives in a sustainable environment. Our systematic, integrated, and results-focused approaches are tailored to our clients’ needs and concerns to build their competitive advantage while reducing environmental and societal risks.

The services that demonstrate our capabilities are:

  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  • Local Development Planning
  • Integrated Catchment Planning
  • Protected Area Management Planning
  • Tourism Planning
  • Central Business Detailing
  • Transport and Traffic Planning