More than 20 years of Creating Sustainable Value

Welcome to Berkman International, Inc.

Berkman International Incorporated is a global service provider that offers world class specialized services and business solutions through innovation, relevance, timeliness and cost effectiveness. Since its establishment in the late eighties, Berkman International has been committed to the highest level of quality and service. We have a diverse, well-rounded and highly-motivated professional team of people who are seasoned with long years of experience to respond to our clients’ multi-faceted and multi-dimensional concerns and problems. We strive to make a difference by developing innovative ways to meet our clients’ needs.

Commitment to the Client

Berkman International Incorporated values its clients’ success and satisfaction at the highest level. Our service starts with a thorough understanding of our client's need. Our business solutions are designed to be sustainable and build capacity, in order to greatly enhance the successful implementation of the project.

We bring together under one roof professional services for consulting and project management, operating within the framework of technological development.